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Tuesday, May 11, 2021
In Indian society, women are generally oppressed and avoided from political and family classification-related choices. Despite the enormous number of work ladies scorch should do day by day to...

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Biden Indicates Extending the American Troops Stay at Afghanistan

The United State's President statement came in time as the previously negotiated deadline to deploy American troops from Afghanistan is approaching fast. Biden seems...

Kim Jong Un Avoids Biden as he Tried Reaching him Last Month

The Biden administration, currently authoritarians of the United States of America, initiated behind-the-scenes outreach to North Korea through numerous mediums, as administration officials told...

Will The New Quad Alliance Be A Source of Concern For China?

Experts believe that the new alliance of the US, Australia, Japan, and India is part of Biden's strategy to contain the emerging superpower, China....

Supreme Court Rejects Trump Election Challenge

On Monday, the Supreme Court dismissed endeavors by President Donald Trump and his partners to get the court to rapidly consider difficulties to President-elect...

Farmers Protest in India

Eight columnists who shrouded the Farmer protest in India and brutality in Delhi on January 26, 2021, are confronting unmerited criminal allegations, Human Rights...


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Thousands of Australians Protest Against Sexual Abuse of Women in Country

Tens of thousands of people in Australia have resorted to Marches nationwide, opposing the sexual harassment and abuse of women in the country.  They were sparked after a recent surge...

Harry and Meghan’s Talk Once Again Reignites the Royal Family Debate

Will the royal family be able to dwell after the Queen? The latest bombshell interview of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has certainly...

Switzerland Votes to Prohibit Hijab and Burqa in Public Places

The Swiss referendum took place despite it being very unusual to see any woman in veils that covers the whole face on the streets...

“Choices Are Fabulous, Born This Way With Proud.”

LOVE. PRIDE. EQUALITY Equality for all and no discrimination based on gender choices Indian LGBT community faces bound social and legal difficulties not intimate by non-LGBT...


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